...We'll Whip Your Resume into Shape!
re•su•mé or re•su•me or ré•su•mé (rez-oo-may)   
A brief summary of one's professional or work
experience and qualifications, usually submitted with
an employment application.

boot camp (boot kamp)
A high intensity workout designed for dramatic

Your resume is often the one opportunity for you to make a first impression
in the job world.  Hiring managers and recruiters review hundreds of
resumes, often spending less than a minute on each one.

ResumeBootcamp is a professional resume consulting service that is
committed to getting your resume in top shape, whether you are actively
pursuing a career change, exploring new job opportunities, or just in need
of a resume update or overhaul.   Our goal is to help you, as we have
helped many satisfied clients over the last 15 years, present the best
possible resume to prospective employers so your resume will effectively
highlight your qualifications, get you an interview, and ultimately a job!  We
encourage you to take a look at our
Customer Testimonials page to see
what our clients have to say about their experience.

In addition to resumes, other career related services include cover letters,
thank you letters, and anything else you may need for your job related
Cover letters should be sent out with each resume, and thank
you notes after each phone or in-person interview.  The cover letter is
another way to emphasize your qualifications for a particular position, and
stress any additional skills highlighted on the job description but perhaps
not reflected on your resume.  Thank you notes are expected not only as
common post-interview etiquette, but is an additional opportunity to stress
your interest and qualifications for the position.  ResumeBootcamp.com can
help you with the entire process!

Our newest service is
EssayBootcamp which offers dissertation review
services as well as college and professional school essay review.
With the skill of ResumeBootcamp.com at sharpening my
resume, I received many more inquiries and interest pertaining
to my credentials and professional experience.  This has led me
to a terrific career opportunity. I would not have done it without
ResumeBootcamp.com.  Thank you so much!
- MTF, Long Beach, CA

(More testimonials from our customers can be seen here.)